Soundproof board


Composite vibration reduction and sound insulation panels

The central cushioning layer is made of highly elastic, aging-resistant and flame-retardant SBR polymer anti-vibration sheets, and the front and back panels are made of inorganic materials of different densities and thicknesses to form sound-insulating and shock-absorbing material structural characteristics, effectively isolating mid-low frequency and sub-low frequency vibration sound transmission.

 Model   :   

G22 composite vibration reduction and sound insulation board

 Dimension   :   1220mm (L) x 1220mm (W) x 20mm (T) 

 Area of single piece   :    1.4884m²

 Weight   :    37.66kg/pc 

 Weight of single pallet   :   1506.40kg (40pcs/pallet) 

Features   :

The soft interlayer cavity effectively improves the air sound insulation capacity and shear structure sound transmission effect, and can reduce the cavity size and complex shock-absorbing structure after the sound insulation layer is constructed.

Scope of application   :

It is suitable for active sound insulation structures such as KTV nightclubs, performing arts bars, private cinemas, HIFI listening rooms, practice rooms, recording rooms, etc.


         Veneer air sound insulation   :