Soundproof board


Mental Damping Sound Insulation panel

The front and back panels are made of inorganic materials with different densities and thicknesses, the core layer is a soft aluminum metal plate, and the double-layer polymer damping material is glue-free and high-pressure composite molding. The soft aluminum plate in the core layer has significant isolation properties for mid-high frequencies and ultra-high frequencies, and the high-density front and back panels have excellent mid- and low-frequency sound insulation effects. The double-layer damping constraint structure generates efficient low-frequency and ultra-low-frequency transmission of shear stress.

 Model   :    G20J metal damping sound insulation panel

 Dimension   :    1220mm (L) x 1220mm (W) x 18mm (T) 

 Area of single piece   :    1.4884m²

 Weight   :    39.75kg/pc 

 Weight of single pallet   :   1590.00kg (40pcs/pallet) 

Features   :

Inorganic and metal flameproof and environmentally friendly materials. Flat full-frequency high sound pressure sound insulation performance. The amount of airborne sound insulation and structural sound insulation is three times that of similar sound insulation panels.

Scope of application   :

It is suitable for the construction of active sound insulation structures and sound insulation doors in bars, nightclubs, high-noise computer rooms, etc. with loud pressure levels.


    Veneer air sound insulation   :