Soundproof board


Composite damping sound insulation panel

Both sides are made of inorganic materials of different densities, sandwiched with a stable IIR polymer base material, and the sandwich structure is high-pressure composite molded to form a damping constraint structure, which changes the resonance frequency of the original material and multiplies the air sound insulation and structural sound insulation of the original material.

 Model   :    G19 composite damping sound insulation board

 Dimension    :   1220mm (L) x 1220mm (W) x 16mm (T)

 Area of single piece    :   1.4884m²

 Weight    :   32.45kg/pc

 Weight of single pallet     :     1622.50kg (50pcs/pallet) 

Features   :

Inorganic flame retardant, environmentally friendly material. High-strength board with excellent sound transmission loss performance. High cost performance and suitable for large-area construction and use.

Scope of application   :

It is suitable for improving the sound insulation of structural partition walls, original walls and ceilings in family homes, hotel rooms, private cinemas, HIFI listening rooms, practice rooms, recording rooms, etc.


     Veneer air sound insulation   :