Soundproof board


Composite damping sound insulation panel

Inorganic materials of different densities are used, sandwiched with polymer damping glue, and the sandwich structure is formed by high-pressure composite molding to form a damping constraint structure, which changes the resonance frequency of the original material and multiplies the air sound insulation and structural sound insulation of the original material.

  Model     :    G18 composite damping sound insulation board 

   Dimension     :    1220mm (L) x 1220mm (W) x 16mm (T) 

    Area of single piece    :  1.4884m² 

    Weight      :     30.75kg/pc 

    Weight of single pallet     :     1537.50kg (50pcs/pallet) 


Inorganic flame retardant, environmentally friendly material. High-strength board with excellent sound transmission loss performance. High cost performance and suitable for large-area construction and use.

Scope of application:

It is suitable for improving the sound insulation of structural walls and original walls and ceilings in equipment rooms, office spaces, KTV nightclubs, leisure clubs and other structures.


    Veneer air sound insulation    :